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"Name May Have Come From The Sky,"
by J. Sharpe Williams, Jr., Tideland News, Swansboro, NC 12/26/84

Star Hill was named long before there was ever a golf course by that name. The developers of this club, W.B. McLean, George F. Spell and W.A. Shackelford were asked by several people . . . old timers . . . never to change the name because Star Hill was the legendary name of the area for hundreds of years. According to Indian lore a "star," very likely a meteor, was seen to crash near where the first tee now is. This area, historically called Star Hill, indicates by its topography that a meteor actually had impacted thousands of years ago. The impact opened up deep underground water sources, creating a bog which has been fashioned into the present pond.

The original contours of the impact crater have changed over the centuries by weather and, recently, by construction of the golf course.

The fantastic energy of the fiery "iron ball" whose surface what melting when it impacted caused it to act as a piston in a cylinder. The melting of sand with the iron surface made a glass-like matrix which temporarily sealed the gases generated in from the meteorite until enormous pressures caused the sides of the cylinder to give way. Globs of this melted sand and iron were spewed over the adjacent area. Specimens of this material, called "ejectus" are found today inthe neighborhood of Star Hill. A typical specimen is displayed on the shelf below.


The "rock" on the shelf displayed in the clubhouse is one of several similar specimens of ejectus found in the vicinity of Star Hill. The drawing shows how the meteor penetrated into the earth causing immense pressure to be developed in front of it until the melted walls were blown past the meteorite onto the surrounding territory. This specimen was found not far from the old ferry dock in Cape Carteret. It is essentially glass-like, melted sand from which any metal from the meteor has rusted away, giving it a sponge-like appearance.


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